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下面, you’ll find information about our accreditation, 隐私权, 校园安全统计, 和更多的. Looking 了解更多信息? 请致电 800.226.7625.

Full Sail大学 is committed to providing all members and prospective members of its campus community with information regarding safety and security data pursuant to the Clery Act.

To access the Clery Act information, please download the 校园安全 Handbook, which also includes the Annual Security Report (Adobe Acrobat is needed to read this document).

This report contains the University's security policy statement and crime statistics, as required by the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of 校园 Security Policy and 校园 Crime Statistics Act (the Clery Act), a federal law requiring institutions of higher education to collect and release this information. The University will provide prospective employees with a paper copy of these reports upon request. To request a paper copy, please contact 校园 Security at 407.679.0100, 8800分机.

Safety in Public Spaces Act Policy

Full Sail大学 (the “University”) complies with all requirements of the Florida Safety in Public Spaces Act. The University provides restrooms and changing facilities that are designated for the exclusive use of males or females, 根据法律的定义. The University also provides unisex restrooms.

As required by the Florida law, employees or students must use a restroom or changing facility that is consistent with their sex as defined by that law, or use a unisex restroom. Florida law does not recognize those who identify as neither male nor female, including non-binary individuals.

If a student or employee violates this policy, by entering a restroom or changing facility that is not designated for their sex and refuses to leave if asked, that person may be subject to discipline by the University. Under the law and this policy, there are some exceptions.

A student or employee may enter a restroom or changing facility designated for the opposite sex¹ when:

  • Chaperoning or assisting a child, elderly person or person with a disability;
  • An emergency situation exists in which the health or safety of another person is at risk;
  • Entering for custodial or maintenance purposes (provided the restroom or changing facility is not in use); and
  • The appropriately-designated restroom or changing facility is out of order or under repair and the restroom or changing facility of the opposite sex is empty.

If any person who is not a student or employee improperly enters a restroom or changing facility designated for the opposite sex on the University’s premises and refuses to depart when asked to do so, the University will take all actions it deems appropriate given the circumstances.

7月1日开始, 2024, a person may submit a complaint to the Florida Attorney General alleging that a covered entity failed to meet the minimum requirements for restrooms and changing facilities under the Florida Safety in Public Spaces Act.

Full Sail reminds all employees and students of its policies prohibiting harassment and discrimination, as well as its policy prohibiting violence (which includes provoking a fight, fighting or threatening violence). Further, the University’s policy prohibits treating a student or employee in a disrespectful manner. Please see the Employee Policy Manual and/or Student Manual for more details.

Full Sail will not tolerate any harassment, discrimination and/or violence against its employees or students, including based on gender identity or expression.

¹ For non-binary individuals, “opposite sex” for these purposes means sex other than that which was assigned to the individual at birth.